Materials and Substances Declaration for Aerospace and Defense

Materials and Substances Declaration for Aerospace and Defense

Declaration Development Support Resources

This page contains information and third-party support resources for developing and sustaining an IPC-1754 declaration process, as well as additional process support resources.

Declaration Development Support

This new document is intended to support increased capability and quality in the development of materials and substances declarations in the Aerospace and Defense (AD) industry and its global supply chain. It provides useful information and examples on calculating substance content in hardware products, discusses substance losses associated with volatile material evaporation, and includes example part geometry calculations and lists of common AD reportable substances and industry surface finish specifications for reference.

IAEG Declaration Service Providers (in alphabetical order):

The following are links to companies that provide declaration support services for clients in the aerospace and defense industry, and its supply chain. The appearance on this page does not constitute endorsement by IAEG of any third-party support provider. Each individual company should decide, on a voluntary and unilateral basis, which contractor(s) to use and under what terms of business.


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