Work Group 5 - REACH Authorisation

Work Group 5 - REACH Authorisation

REACH Authorisation Work Group (WG5) VISION

Create a body of knowledge and expertise in the international aerospace and defence (A&D) industry to support REACH Authorisation activities for global business continuity.

WG5 Objective

To provide IAEG WG5 members with knowledge and tools to facilitate assessment and management of business continuity risks associated with REACH Authorisations, by:

  • Regularly assessing substances that are actually or potentially subject to EU REACH Authorisation, including Candidate List substances, and identifying substances in use in the aerospace and defence industry that may require Authorisation, in order to assist WG5 members to protect business/industry continuity;
  • Conduct market and supply chain analyses of Substances of Interest using selected service providers.
  • Develop tools for use by WG5 Members, including supply chain mapping reports and pre-screened service providers for members’ use when launching independent Authorisation consortia. 

Detailed Activities & Information

More detailed information on our activities can be found at the following links: