IAEG Glossary

IAEG Glossary


The IAEG Glossary contains a number of terms that have been selected as serving as a useful reference in the development of industry standards and other documents through the work of IAEG and its working groups. The glossary is intended to be the authority of any definition providing a consistent reference point for the work of IAEG, and has been endorsed by IAEG members.


This glossary comprises a list of terms in alphabetic order and for each term provides a definition and a reference to the source. Definitions have been taken from a number of independent reference sources and these are individually referenced in the glossary. In some cases the original source wording will have been amended to suit IAEG requirements. This list will be maintained and terms will be added to/amended/deleted over time. In particular, additional terms will be provided as needed to support the clear understanding of any requirements arising from future IAEG activities.

The latest version of the IAEG Glossary is available by clicking here