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Date Title Location
2022-July-15 Expanded Regulatory Compliance Resource for Materials & Substances Declarations, IAEG® Tool Offered for A&D Companies Warrendale, PA
2021-December-01 IAEG WG2 (Replacement Technologies) Warrendale, PA
2020-October-16 WG2 Technical Exchange Hard Chrome Plating Warrendale, PA
2020-July-21 New Chemical Reporting for Article Products and IPC-1754 Warrendale, PA
2020-June-01 New Declarable Substances List and Updated Reporting Tool Warrendale, PA
2019-April-23 New Aerospace and Defence Industry Tools Released to Support Efficient Substance Declarations Warrendale, PA
2019-January-24 Search for Alternatives to Cadmium Plating on Standard Parts Used by the Aerospace and Defence Industry Warrendale, PA
2018-May-18 Ethoxylates in Aerospace Authorisation Consortium (EAAC) to be formed to address REACH Authorization of Nonyl- and Octyl-Phenol Ethoxylates Leeds, UK
2018-May-10 Chemical Declaration Standard Published for Aerospace and Defense Products Warrendale, PA
2017-September-08 Aerospace Declarable Substances List Gets an Upgrade Warrendale, PA
2017-August-23 Search for Alternatives to Cadmium Plating on Industry Standard Parts Used by Aerospace and Defence Warrendale, PA
2017-February-14 IAEG Provides Insight to Companies Preparing to Transition to the Updated ISO 14001 Standard Warrendale, PA
2016-December-01 IAEG to Launch Six Replacement Technologies Projects Warrendale, PA
2016-July-25 IAEG Publishes Version 2 of its Aerospace Industry Greenhouse Gas Reporting Guidance Warrendale, PA
2015-May-07 IAEG Publishes First Aerospace & Defence Declarable Substances List Warrendale, PA
2014-June-19 IAEG Publishes First Aerospace Industry Greenhouse Gas Reporting Guidance Warrendale, PA
2013-April-03 Aerospace Industries are Closer to Standardizing Materials Reporting Seattle, WA
2012-March-08 Support for Standardizing Environmental Requirements for the Aerospace Industry is Gaining Momentum Seville, Spain
2011-September-06 Aerospace Companies Establish Environmental Group to Promote Worldwide Standardization for the Supply Chain Paris, France


Date Title Location
2021-August-12 IAEG Expanded Charter Warrendale, PA
2021-July-15 Declaration Development Support Document Warrendale, PA
2021-June-24 IAEG Chair Announcement Warrendale, PA
2021-May-01 Updated REACH Authorisation and Hexavalent Chrome Warrendale, PA
2021-April-16 WG2 Technical Exchange Project Summary Report, Non Chrome 6 Anodize Seals Warrendale, PA
2021-January-19 A&D Collaboration Leading to Significant Progress on Material Alternatives Warrendale, PA


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