Work Group 2 - Replacement Technologies

Work Group 2 - Replacement Technologies


The Aerospace and Defence industry demands high performance from the hardware it uses in order to ensure product safety, reliability, and performance; extend product lifespan; and be competitive. The materials and processes that best achieve the necessary performance properties may contain chemical substances that are hazardous to human health or the environment. Global regulations place an ever-increasing constraint on the supply and use of these chemical substances; therefore, the industry must investigate substitutes that establish a sustainable supply chain and avoid or minimize disruptions in manufacturing and repair operations. This has impelled the Aerospace and Defence industry to collaborate to reduce the cost and risk of investigation of alternatives to the affected technologies. The IAEG Replacement Technologies work group provides a global framework in which this type of collaboration readily takes place.


  • Create and operate a framework that will enable the completion of collaborative Technical Exchange and Research & Development projects
  • Identify and launch project topics, and produce associated deliverables, that will significantly impact the industry, human health, and the environment
  • Provide an effective project management framework to guide projects throughout their lifecycle
  • Establish viable methodologies to facilitate substitutions of materials and processes that utilize regulated chemical substances

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Contact: Michele Lawrie-Munro