• Aerospace and Defense Declarable Substance List (AD-DSL)

IAEG Aerospace and Defence Declarable Substances List (AD-DSL)

The aerospace industry is under increasing scrutiny though regulations like REACH. The AD-DSL will make it easier to work with regulatory agencies on harmful substances and chemicals used in manufacturing.

The AD-DSL provides an initial, common list of chemicals/substances used within the aerospace and defense supply chain. It was developed through the collaborative efforts of 36 aerospace and defense companies, including suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The list is the product of thoughtful, methodical research, including a pilot program with 30 suppliers, which took place over several years and garnered industry-wide buy-in.

It includes chemical substances incorporated into aerospace and defense products, or critical in either the manufacture or maintenance of these products.

The list will be updated periodically, and employed as part of an aerospace industry standard currently in development.