IPC-1754 Material Declaration for Aerospace and Defense

IPC-1754 Material Declaration for Aerospace and Defense

IPC-1754 (Materials and Substances Declaration for Aerospace and Defense) is a new standard, published May 2018, that establishes the requirements for exchanging material and substance data for products between suppliers and their customers for Aerospace and Defense and other industries with deep supply chains and complex bills of materials.

This standard covers exchanging data on chemical substances (“Substances”) that may be present in materials and processes used in production, operations, maintenance, repair or overhaul/refurbishment of the supplied product or sub-product. This standard applies to business-to-business transactions. It is not intended to be used by the general public when making purchasing decisions.

The IPC-1754 standard supports a broad range of hazardous substance regulations (like EU REACH, China RoHS or USA TSCA) and obsolescence risk management by establishing rules for software providers, allowing them to track substances present in products and processes against a Declarable Substance List (DSL).

IPC-1754 enables industries and other authorities to specify their data sets for a declaration by a supplier to a customer requester.  This includes the declarable substance list, a query list, and optionally a use descriptor list established by the declaration Authority: 

  • Declarable Substance List (DSL) – A list of all substances to be reported
  • Query List (QL) – A product statement with a list of queries that are answered either “true”, “false” or “unknown” as the minimum content of the supplier declaration.
  • Use Descriptor List (UDL) - The “use description” for substance, material and process intended to be a predefined list of descriptors to standardize the use data. 

Wide acceptance is anticipated for the IPC-1754 for exchanging material and substance data through global supply chains.  This will create significant efficiencies for business-to-business materials and substances declarations.