• Work Group 9 - Impact Analysis of Global Environmental and Chemical Regulations, Policies, and Standards


The Aerospace and Defense (AD) industry is committed to developing an approach to help the Aerospace and Defense industry evaluate emerging global environmental and chemical regulations and their impact on compliance and potential operational risk for companies and their supply chain.


  • Maintain a list of global regulations, policies and standards considered and to be considered, including executive summaries of those regulations.

  • Develop a method to evaluate designated emerging regulation’s potential impact on compliance and/or operational risk, business continuity and/or impact on supply chain.

  • Develop summaries of the associated timeline for regulations (e.g., deadlines) and highlight the specific impacts.

  • Develop communication materials and conduct informational webinars, as appropriate, for member companies and/or A&D supply chain companies, as appropriate.


IAEG has released the following documents to support the objectives of Work Group 9. A statement is provided next to the publication name to indicate accessibility restrictions.

Regulatory Alerts

Fact Sheets



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