Work Group 6 - Supply Chain Sustainability Survey Harmonization

Work Group 6 - Supply Chain Sustainability Survey Harmonization


There is a trend of increasing stakeholder pressure (customer, investor, employee, community, NGO, regulatory) on sustainability issues affecting aerospace and defense (“AD”) companies in terms of reputation and risk management.  In response, aerospace companies want to demonstrate that they are good corporate citizens that want to be part of the solution and not the problem.  As a result, aerospace companies have been managing their own sustainability issues but, recognizing the supply chain is an extension of their brand over which they can influence, they are now seeking to assess the sustainability impact of their supply chains so that they can innovate, manage risk and seek greater operating efficiency. 


AD companies are starting to use questionnaires to gather and record sustainability information from their suppliers but there are no common formats and can occur at any time of the year.  In addition, widely recognized Environmental/Sustainability surveys are currently being supported by IAEG® members and some of their suppliers. These well supported survey organizations include CDP (GHG, Water, and Forestry), DJSI, GRI, etc.  These survey platforms and their sponsoring organizations could be leveraged to provide the information required by IAEG member companies.


IAEG® has developed a survey for the AD companies to collect information about environmental sustainability within their supply chain.  The survey establishes a harmonized approach to assess environmental sustainability impacts in the supply chain.  The use of this survey will raise supplier awareness concerning environmental sustainability issues and reduce the time and effort required of suppliers to respond to the same survey for the AD companies.

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  • Reporting and Transparency
  • Risk and Opportunity
  • Supply Chain Operational Efficiency / Effectiveness
  • Vision & Leadership (Empower / Develop Supply Chain)


Contact:  Michele Lawrie-Munro