• Materials and Substances Declaration for Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace & Defence Substance Reporting Tool (AD-SRT)

The AD-SRT is an MS Excel based tool for capturing and reporting information related to substance declaration, including the following data elements:

• Supplier / requestor identity information
• Supplier / requestor supplied product information
• Substance information, including those contained supplied product, used in product development or required for    product operation or maintenance

The AD-SRT tool is provided in two forms - with Excel macros (.xlsm) and without macro (.xlsx).

In the .xlsm form, macros are included to facilitate data quality checks and data field auto-population.

Version #DateMacro VersionNo-Macro VersionRelease Notes
1.1March 2019Download - (.xslm) Download - (.xlsx) Download - (.pdf)
1.2May 2020Download - (.xslm) Download - (.xlsx) Download - (.pdf)
1.2.1 April 2021 Download - (.xslm) Download - (.xlsx) Download - (.pdf)



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