WG11 - Aerospace Summit Registration

WG11 - Aerospace Summit Registration

Event: Aerospace leadership summit – Supply chain ESG stewardship & voluntary assessment standard

When: May 24th; 8-9:00am US Pacific / 11am-12:00pm US Eastern / 4-5:00 pm UK / 5-6:00 pm Central Europe

Where: Virtual


•Hear from aerospace executive leaders in sustainability, procurement and compliance roles regarding industry need for supply chain sustainability stewardship and deploying a due diligence voluntary standard
•Learn about the International Aerospace Environmental Group’s efforts to drive supply chain sustainability (ESG) stewardship and a due diligence voluntary standard that efficiently addresses compliance obligations, reporting objectives and informed procurement business decisions


•The International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) is a global industry body comprised of 46 members, representing 70% of industry revenue, that addresses ESG topics
•Aerospace supply chains are experiencing increasing ESG due diligence compliance obligations, customer and investor supply chain stewardship expectations, and sustainability reporting transparency pressures
•Opportunity to develop on a voluntary industry standard for ESG assessment, with the support of a proven third-party solution, to solve for compliance, stewardship and transparency pressures in an efficient and cost effective manner
•This summit event is intended for IAEG member companies and select invitees engaged by IAEG