About Us

About Us


To develop voluntary leading edge solutions across the value chain to promote a responsible and sustainable aerospace industry. Click here for IAEG's 2025 Vision.


We are the leading global aerospace forum for sharing good practices concerning key issues and developing voluntary consensus standards around the environment.

Who is IAEG?

The International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) is a non-profit organization of global aerospace companies created to collaborate on and share innovative environmental solutions for the industry. The group works to promote the development of voluntary consensus standards and provide accessible solutions for key environmental issues.

Members of IAEG recognize that there are currently a wide variety of different laws and regulations impacting health and the environment in place worldwide. The complexity and variability of requirements and guidance has led to an increased burden for the industry and its supply chain. 

IAEG work groups address such issues as chemical material declarations and reporting requirements, the development of alternative technologies and greenhouse gas reporting and management.  They create a forum for diverse and often competitive businesses to come together and share information on industry-wide opportunities for the promotion and adoption of global environmental requirements.  In addition, IAEG provides opportunities for wider education on environmental issues and the supply chain via its meetings agendas and bespoke seminars.

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