Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Survey for Aerospace and Defense

IAEG® has developed a voluntary survey for the aerospace and defense companies (“AD”) to collect information about environmental sustainability within their supply chain.  The survey assesses environmental sustainability impacts in the supply chain.  The use of this survey will raise supplier awareness concerning environmental sustainable issues and could reduce the time and effort required of suppliers to respond to multiple rounds of environmental sustainability questions from AD companies.  Use of the survey and responding to the survey is voluntary.

Collecting supply chain environmental sustainability information is intended to be managed through individual AD company relationships with its suppliers and subject to the requirements of those business-to-business relationships.

Please access the link(s) below to obtain the IAEG® Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Survey.


Anti-Trust Compliance Information:  This survey and related activities are subject to the IAEG Antitrust Compliance Policy.  In accordance therewith, any IAEG member’s evaluation of any survey results and all business decisions on which suppliers to use and under what terms of business are individual company decisions made in each company’s unilateral business discretion, and not in collaboration or agreement amongst competitors.